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The specific purpose of A.4560-B and S4614-A also known as the ‘Child Victims Act of New York’ is to prevent the sexual abuse of children. A.04560-B and S4614A will make  perpetrators of sexual abuse  and the institutions like churches, volunteer youth organizations and others employ abusers accountable for their actions in a court of law.  This legislation, originally proposed by Assemblywoman Marge Markey of Queens, gives sexual abuse victims, who would otherwise be barred by the Statute of the Limitations from suing their abusers, their day in court. The present law closes  the courthouse door victims of sexual abuse who did not come forward before their 21st birthday. The reason people don’t report their abusers or even talk about their nightmare is because they were embarrassed and afraid.  The proposed legislation is very similar to the law passed in California in 2003 and the one recently passed in Delaware in 2008.

The Assembly has passed the bill three years in a row, the Senate has not. In the  2008-2009  New York state legislative session, the Bill is expected to be brought up for a vote again.
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