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Clery Abuse Victims
Clergy Abuse Clergy Abuse Victims
Criminal Defense
Mike Dowd and Clergy Abuse

One of the worst things that can happen to an individual or a family is to be arrested or have a loved one accused of a serious crime.  When that awful thing happens, you want to find a lawyer who is experienced and able and most of all cares about the person he represents.

I have been defending people accused of crime for nearly forty years.  I have handled more than 200 jury trials and nearly 50 homicide cases in both state and federal court.  Often a wrongful accusation can occur at any time of day or night but in every case, I have been there for my clients with caring and compassion.

There is no injustice worse than being wrongly accused of a crime. Look through our website and call to speak with me. Let’s decide together if I, or one of the qualified attorneys in our offices, can help provide the right defense for you.
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